Whipper and Snipper

I’m whippersnippering as I type!  No I’m not texting as I whippersnip – that would be crazy.  Though I did see a woman this winter shovelling snow while she talked on her cell phone so I suppose it’s possible.  But I’m not nearly coordinated enough.

Here’s what I did…in a moment of sheer brilliance I strung up some electric wire around the outside of my garden fence and our horses are munching down the grass against the garden as I type.  The garden fence is an eight foot high page wire job designed to keep out moose, so it will keep out the horses.

I hate, hate, hate that strip of quack grass along the fence that feeds its roots into my asparagus bed.  I don’t like using the gas whippersnipper and its too far for my electric one to reach.  I am going to mulch it down with hay but it’s on my lengthy to do list.  In the meantime this will at least keep the quackgrass, fireweed and dandelions from going to seed.

Our horses are Mage the 22 year old quarterhorse and Mindy (short for Elfondo’s Royal Midnight thank you very much lol)  the 18 year old morgan.  But this morning they’re Whipper and Snipper.

Like the old saying goes one woman’s weeds is another horse’s lunch…