It’s Raining Again

Only two weeks after the last flood the rains have returned – another washed out weekend.  Unbelievable.  The same river roaring across the driveway, the same lake where the sheep and horse meadow used to be and the same waterfall running through my new herb bed.  A bit of strategic trenching made this bout a little less damaging.  However, herbs do not like it wet and over 200 mm of rain in two weeks…well, that’s just ridiculous.  The catnip is so mad its leaves have turned red.

I guess I’m going to have to relocate the herb garden and put some sun and water loving perennials there instead.  I like the herbs right where they are but the plants – as always – have the final say in the way a garden evolves.

I planted them in an 8 by 32 foot strip with two foot recycled rubber paving blocks forming a grid pattern.  I dubbed it “Herb Alley” which became even more appropriate when I discovered the rubber pavers smell like the back alley of a garage whenever it gets really hot.  Kind of overpowers the aroma therapy benefits of the herbs though!

It is such a sunny location – but I never suspected it would turn into a waterfall in heavy rains.  These kind of rains usually only come every ten years – but every two weeks?