Up Close and Personal

Mmmm...tastes like potato chips

As I was heading out the door to do chores this morning I almost got a faceful of moose! The two headed moose has returned but this time instead of munching on the ornamentals they’re apparently licking the salt off my tires. Reminds me of a story I read years ago about life in the Yukon where a couple had to remove their tires and take them indoors or the moose would chew them to shreds. I think I’ll just put out a salt block instead! I recently talked to a wonderful gardener in Ontario who used the same sort of tactic to deal with a rabbit who was nibbling on everything in sight. Instead of going all Mr. McGregor on the bunny she started setting out rabbit pellets and cabbage leaves instead. The plan worked. The rabbit stopped eating all the perennials, vegetables and shrubs and she had a new friend. She was eventually even able to pet the rabbit. You can read more about Kim Jones, the rabbit she nicknamed Bud and her fabulous garden in the April issue of Gardens Central.

As for me I’m off to buy some salt blocks.

Missing Harrowsmith

First bugles go missing off the grocery shelves and now Harrowsmith. I loved that magazine. I have issues of it dating back to the 80’s. I now have issues with it disappearing off the magazine racks and more importantly – as a devoted subscriber – my mailbox. There is very little about its demise to be found. I miss it. The only bright light is a new magazine based only a few stone throws from my own backyard in the community of Beaverlodge Alberta. Named Rural Roots it covers history and horticulture in Western Canada. A recent issue had a great article on cheese making – my kind of magazine! With only a few issues under its belt it is hard to say where it will all lead but its eastern cousin started out the same way – in the kitchen of a person passionate about living off the land. Check them out at http://www.heritagefarm.ca They even offer some non GMO heirloom seeds! I am pleased to be among the newest subscribers to Rural Roots and applaud their efforts…but I still miss Harrowsmith.