Missing Harrowsmith

First bugles go missing off the grocery shelves and now Harrowsmith. I loved that magazine. I have issues of it dating back to the 80’s. I now have issues with it disappearing off the magazine racks and more importantly – as a devoted subscriber – my mailbox. There is very little about its demise to be found. I miss it. The only bright light is a new magazine based only a few stone throws from my own backyard in the community of Beaverlodge Alberta. Named Rural Roots it covers history and horticulture in Western Canada. A recent issue had a great article on cheese making – my kind of magazine! With only a few issues under its belt it is hard to say where it will all lead but its eastern cousin started out the same way – in the kitchen of a person passionate about living off the land. Check them out at http://www.heritagefarm.ca They even offer some non GMO heirloom seeds! I am pleased to be among the newest subscribers to Rural Roots and applaud their efforts…but I still miss Harrowsmith.

2 thoughts on “Missing Harrowsmith

  1. Hi there! Sorry, there’s no help for any of us who’re (STILL!) mourning the loss of Harrowsmith; just know that you’re certainly not alone… BUT (better late than never; ) your missing Bugles can be found once again at The Bulk Barn – here in Ontario at least – STILL can’t get (real): McIntosh’s Toffee though…
    Thanks for the tip (and the link: ) on tthe Rural Routes mag!

    • McIntosh toffee! I forgot about that. My great grandmother always gave me a piece whenever I went to visit. Looking back it could have been to shut me up for awhile. I was a talker and those pieces of toffee took a lot of chewing!!! I haven’t seen any bugles here out west, but I will start looking. I know we’re not alone in missing Harrowsmith…hopefully it pulls a Bugles and comes back. Rural Routes is a great magazine and I love Mother Earth News too…but I will always miss Harrowsmith! Thanks Deb…

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