Pet Your Plants

Petting isn’t just for pets! Everything needs a little attention to grow up strong and fulfill its full potential. Running your hand over the tops of seedlings mimics the wind bending the stems and keeps them from getting spindly, weak and toppling over. I do this every morning and night as I turn on and off the grow lights. A bonus is the scent some of the plants leave on your hands. I even love the smell of tomatoes such as the ones pictured here; though a lot of people don’t. I also like the smell of geranium leaves; another scent many people dislike…

Altogether I have 144 tomato seedlings in seven different varieties. Here they are along with their catalogue descriptions sometimes amended with my own! If you’re interested in checking out any of the sources you can find their links listed under Seed Sources…

Casady’s Folly

Baker Creek Heirlooms

75 days. Determinate. Dazzling, slender plum-type fruits, often with a tiny “beak” at the blossom end, reaching 4” in length and weighing 5 oz. The stripes are very pronounced, alternating between orange and red: the effect is very striking! Very well-flavored with fruity overtones, these are firm with a blood-red interior, suitable for fresh use or canning and sauces. A Tom Wagner creation.

Cold Set

Prairie Garden Seeds – Humboldt, Saskatchewan

I love this one! I’ve been growing Cold Set for the last three years outdoors with good results!

Mountain Princess

Baker Creek Heirlooms

45-50 days. This determinate early tomato is well-suited to short, mountain climates. It is a heavy producer of small to medium-sized red fruit that has a nice mild flavor. This tomato comes from the Mountain regions of West Virginia and has been grown by generations of rugged farmers for its earliness and production.

Mystery Keeper

Mapple Farm Weldon NB

Mystery Keeper is an outstanding storage tomato selection. Before the first frost at season’s end, harvest all fruit. Any that have developed beyond the greenest stage will slowly ripen for months afterwards in storage. Select the best specimens (no cracks or blemishes) for keeping. Note that tomatoes that may not appear ripe from the outside (i.e. not yet bright red) are often ripe inside and ready to use. Space 3 feet (1 metre) apart!

Northern Delight Tomato

Mapple Farm Weldon NB

This is the earliest ‘market-sized’ (over 3 oz/85 grams) tomato we’ve yet to come across. And this bush variety has a lot going for it; great taste, terrific crack and disease resistance with a quite concentrated red with some green at the stem end. Space about 30 in (75 cm) apart.


Veseys PEI

The name tells you just how sweet and delicious these All American Selection winning red grape tomatoes are. The ½ oz crack resistant fruit are produced in clusters of up to 15-20 on indeterminate plants. Matures about 60-65 days after transplant.

Super-Early Latah Tomato

Mapple Farm, NB Latah is an exceedingly early variety that handles cool growing conditions better than most tomatoes. Latah not only produces 2-3 inch (5-7.5 cm) red fruit very early; it continues pumping them out clear ‘til frost. In our experience Latah tomatoes are an attractive, crack free and mouth watering selection. Space 30 inches apart.