Sweet Potatoes…Not So Sweet

Well, so much for my sweet potatoes. Found their poor little carcasses frozen to the quick in our mailbox last night. That’s what I get for not picking up my mail every day. We pick up our mail at one of those green metal multi-unit mail boxes just over a mile from our house. It’s the perfect incentive for a little exercise and a favorite walk for our little dog Cosmo. In the last couple years our mail delivery switched from three days a week to five; something I haven’t adjusted to. In the past, three days a week we walked to the mailbox and the other four we’d go in the opposite direction. And now, even with mail awaiting us five days a week, it can get boring going the same way day after day. And often the only thing awaiting us is a couple glossy pizza flyers. So more often than not we alternate directions and let the mail build up in the box for a couple days. Not a good plan when live plants are involved.

I want to blame someone else but I can’t. The mail person doesn’t have to deliver parcels even when they fit in our box. All she is required to do is drop off a post office slip letting us know we have a parcel awaiting us in town. To make the effort to deliver the parcel is an act of kindness.

And it’s not the fault of the mail order nursery. The potato slips were tenderly wrapped and packaged.

Ah well, so the gardening goes. I always worry about losing my sweet potatoes to frost, but never imagined it would happen this early in the game!!! Now I am considering if its worth reordering or if I should just plant something else in my straw bale bed instead…