Rhubarb in the Flower Bed

Ah, the first furls of spring rhubarb…what a gorgeous sight! I spent part of yesterday dividing a rhubarb plant in my vegetable garden and redistributing it into a new perennial border I’m making along our driveway. There’s a lot to be said for using rhubarb as an ornamental accent; especially in a large flower bed where you need a lot of filler for cheap. Rhubarb takes up a lot of space, has interesting foliage, red stems and when it blooms it looks spectacular. All this, and you can eat it too! Of course when you’re growing it to eat you’re supposed to snap off those beautiful white flowers, both to extend the harvest and help the plant direct all its energy to growing stems and roots. But if it’s just the beauty you’re after you can just let it grow…a rhubarb in full bloom is a beautiful thing! Check out this one shown against that big old Peace Country sky…

A rhubarb in bloom against that big Peace Country sky!

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