The Long Weekend! Time to plant seeds…and shovel snow

I was outside until 9 pm last night puttering in the garden and collecting manure from the horse pasture with my trusty scoop shovel and wheelbarrow. A horse produces around 50 pounds of manure a day! With two horses I am practically a manure baroness. I was zipping about, feeling very rich and blessed with abundance when I looked up and caught our horses, Mindy and Mage, staring at me. I wonder what they were thinking. Perhaps it’s best I don’t know.

Mindy: “What is the human up to now Mage? Tell me she isn’t…no, she can’t be…”

Mage: “What the…great grain buckets!!! Would you look at that? And check out how happy she looks about it!”

Something tells me I’ve lost their respect entirely.

After I wore myself out pushing loads of manure up our hill and mixing it into my containers and working it into the tomato and squash beds, I watered the upper vegetable garden. Things have been dry. I made plans to water the lower vegetable patch this morning before heading into town. Instead I woke up to a healthy six inches of snow!

The flower garden gets a white watering…

As mentioned in an earlier post snow contains nitrogen, but so does rain. And we’re three weeks into May! Still, it isn’t unusual to get snow on the long weekend. Or any time of the year for that matter : ) It shouldn’t do too much damage. The leaves are just coming out and only the rhubarb, garlic, spinach and chives are up in the vegetable patch. The perennials should be ok too. Check out the chives – they look like a white prickly hedgehog!

And I don’t have to water anything today! And snow soaks in nice and slow compared to rain. And…and…that’s all I’ve got.