Chive Talk

Chive harvest is coming to a close and now they are moving into their blooming stage. Like rhubarb, chives are a  great addition to the ornamental garden. I have chives everywhere…in the herb garden, the vegetable plots and my flower beds. I love the sight of all those gorgeous purple orbs bopping about on their healthy green stems. Tasty, hardy and prolific self-seeders chives are an economical addition to any landscape. And bees like them too! If you are worried about having too much of a good thing, when blossoms start to fade go out with a pair of nippers and snip them off before they go to seed.

Here are some chives paired with a Therese Bugnet rose – one I highly recommend for cold climates. I’ve had this rose for almost ten years and it continues to flourish no matter what kind of winter we have had or how much the moose or deer prune it. It comes into bloom a couple of times every summer and in the winter its red canes look beautiful against a backdrop of snow.  But I think it is in June when the chives compliment the first flush of rose blossoms that I love this rose best. The pairing is serendipitous. Not only do the pink and purple blooms look great together, chives are the perfect companion plants, serving as an organic method for keeping roses in tip-top health.

Chives with a Therese Bugnet Rose