Heat, Harvesting and a Little Garden Hopping

It’s been one day of sunshine after the next for over a month now – not a single day cooler than 20 C and not a drop of rain. Been going flat out watering the vegetable gardens. I try to xeriscape my ornamentals as much as possible but have given the odd perennial a splash as well. Mulching with hay or straw really helps. The peas are almost harvested and the first flush of raspberries are coming in. We’ve had new potatoes for a couple weeks now and all the chard, lettuce, kale and onions we can eat. Life is good and we are blessed…so I am doing my best to enjoy the sunshine and the bountiful harvest and not whine about our lack of moisture! Well…not too much.

You know you’re obsessed with gardening when a break from the garden is going on a garden tour! We were lucky enough to go on three garden tours over the last few weeks – The North Peace Horticultural Society Garden Tour in Fort St John, BC on July 15th, followed by a tour put on by the Peace Mission Chapel in Progress, BC on July 25th and culminating with Dawson Creek and District Horticultual Society “View and Vision It” Garden Tour and Tea on July 29th – altogether 20 gorgeous garden gates flung open for our viewing pleasure. And view we did! What talented gardeners we have. Every single garden held new ideas. You never stop learning. Thank you to everyone for making these tours happen. Over the next several days I will be posting pictures of what we discovered for your enjoyment as well.

Here is the pea patch this morning…a few more pickings and all those vines hit the compost and pea picking is done for another year! The heirloom Tall Telephone peas did really well…and Darcy (the official pea shucker) likes how easy the pods are to shell. I also grew Little Marvel which produced well but have smaller, tighter, pods that don’t open as easily. Next year I will plant Tall Telephone again as well as some Mr. Bigs which I have tried (and loved) in the past…

Tall Telephone Peas and Blue, Blue, Skies!