2012 North Peace Garden Tour – Garden 3 of 7 : )

I write garden profiles for Gardens Central magazine which gives me the opportunity to chat with all sorts of gifted gardeners. Most recently I interviewed Candace Carter who owns a thriving business in Ontario called Flowers in the Front Yard. She is helping people convert their front lawns into flower gardens with impressive results. For so long we have maintained our patches of green on the street while keeping our flower beds (or vegetables) hidden from view in the back. Candace aims to help change that one front yard at a time. Check out her website www.flowersinthefrontyard.com for all kinds of interesting information. Her garden will be featured in the September issue of Gardens Central.

What does all this have to do with Garden #3? I was delighted on this tour to discover how many people in the Peace Country are planting their front lawns to flowers as well. Candace would be proud! Garden #2 was a great example of this and Garden #3 featuring Sally and Greg Emory’s place is another. Check it out…to see bigger images simply click on a picture and it will switch to a slideshow.