2012 Progress Garden Tour – 3 of 5 : )

Here we are at the half way point of the garden tours. I have been having a blast looking over the photos and experiencing the gorgeous gardens all over again. I would like to thank all the gardeners who so generously open their gates to snoopers like me. I can only imagine the amount of work and stress that must go into getting your yard ‘Tour Worthy.” I was thinking instead of having to get your gardens in pristine condition, tours instead should hand out weed diggers as you go in and not let anyone out until they have pulled up 10 weeds each. Or whatever task the gardener might need done. Everyone could pack 10 rocks to the new rock garden etc. Many hands make light work and all that! Instead of having to cajole people into putting their gardens on the list, the tour organizers would have to beat them off with a hoe!

The 10th garden of the total 20 in the Fort St John, Dawson Creek and Progress tours we visited was pristine beyond belief. Bill and Marion Yerbury’s place held lots of gorgeous trees and shrubs, both new and established, as well as rock walls, an immaculate vegetable garden and oodles of bloomers. To top it all off the Kiskatinaw river was an easy stroll from the backyard along a wide, mown path through a gently sloping forest filled with wild flowers. Truly a Peace piece of Paradise.

Here we go…