Shopping Local

Here in the Peace Country we are blessed with top quality local nurseries that are welcome alternatives to Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire! The people that run them are knowledgeable about what we can grow locally and will even bring in hard-to-find perennials, shrubs or trees just for you (if you ask early enough) saving you the hassle of tracking them down yourself, not to mention the horrific shipping costs. Often the shipping costs as much as the plant itself!

Here’s a wonderful newsletter I just received from Linda Greene; owner of The Greenehouse at Farmington:

And here goes January – out with a lot of weird weather to keep us guessing.   We have had a good amount of snow which will help shelter those borderline, and other, perennials with which we gardeners are always experimenting!

This is to give you some notice as to what will be new at The Greenehouse this year, as well as my favorites – like the Haskap or Honeyberry.  I will again have about 200 pots from 1 gallon to 5 gallon, and about 5 different varieties.  I cannot say enough good things about this berry for the prairies – it is reliable, vigorous, hardy, fast growing (starts producing second year); the berries are early (late June and on for about 4 weeks), healthy, are good to eat mashed up with sugar (they are a tart berry) and make great jam!  Below is a picture from one of my Haskap bushes last year, as well as my Evan Cherries – they REALLY liked the dry weather (???) and produced very well.

Linda Greene HaskapLinda Greene Cherry Harvest Linda Greene Cherry Give me a call if you wish to reserve Haskap or Cherries – I am bringing in Romeo and Juliet Cherry.

I am only bringing in a few other shrubs as with downsizing I cannot handle what we used to do.  I am always happy to order trees or shrubs if you call me with something specific.  What I have on order are the Sensation Lilac – some of you have seen mine blooming in June.  It is quite spectacular with its’ white edged purple, fragrant flowers.  Also, a few Thunderchild crabapple – the ornamental purple leaf, pink flowering tree.  Something new for the adventurous are the Goji berries.  I am bringing in some 2 gallon pots of this healthy antioxidant berry producing shrub.  My supplier tells me it is hardy to Zone 3 – so if you have had success with other Zone 3 bushes and want to try Gojis I will have some about mid-May.

As always I will have bedding plants and hanging baskets – as many as I can cram into my little  “Greenehouse”!  I’ll also have some seed potatoes – Warba, Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac, Norland and a few Banana potatoes.

I plan to formally open Saturday May 4th with the second annual Yard and Garden Sale.  I always like to see if I can find some different garden giftware items, plus I think I have enough “Yard Sale” things for an annual sale for the next 10 years!   (The Free table was popular last year!)  I’m open most days May and June, but good to call first to check to see if I’m open, and I’m happy to arrange other convenient times.  I’ll also be at the Chetwynd Farmers Market on Thursdays, or Dawson Creek Farmers Market Saturdays starting May 11th.

Here’s hoping for a good gardening year for us all.  Please call me if you have questions or are looking for something specific – I am always excited to look for the new and different.

Hope to see you in the Spring!


The Greenehouse at Farmington