Lupins and Japanese Blood Grass


Had a bumper crop of lupins this year; lupins are so lovely it’s hard to believe they’re a noxious weed in some places. Like so many things we grow in the Peace Country what is noxious elsewhere isn’t anything of the kind in our zone 2b gardens.  For the last couple years I let the flowers go to seed and shook them all about (but not while singing the hokey pokey). This year all that shaking paid off! The downside is there are so many they are crowding out other plants and now that they’re going to seed they’re a little unsightly, not to mention ungainly. They’re toppling over like a bunch of colorful drunkards all over the garden. So today I took a pair of shears and a shovel and set about cutting off seed heads and even taking some out. Gardening is like that. Just when something does spectacular we’re out there trying to rein it in! It takes a great deal of willpower to  dump all that lovely plant material in the compost instead of starting new beds.DSCN0314

This is my pride and joy this year…Japanese Blood Grass or  imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’. Reputed to be hardy only to zone 5 I took a chance last year and was delighted to have it survive our winter. It can be a bit invasive in warmer climates but I am just hoping it survives another winter!