Late Plantings


We’ve had a couple skiffs of snow and are on our way into winter. So what did I do yesterday? And, for that matter, the week before? Planted lily of the valley pips and bulbs respectively. Yeesh. Note to self…stop ordering stuff from out east no matter how rare the item or how tempting the discount. Last week my order of allium bulbs finally arrived. The instructions enclosed mentioned allowing a few weeks for the bulbs to root before the cold hit. I planted them a little deeper and mulched them up with composted manure and a heaping helping of shredded leaves. We’ll see. The lily of the valley pips were backordered and just arrived yesterday. Despite temperatures above zero every day it has dipping low enough at night that when I went to my dwindling pile of manure it was already starting to freeze up so it was difficult to get even a bucketful of manure out of it. Poor pips. As with the bulbs, I covered them with a heavy mulch and can only hope for the best.

I got some of the healthiest lily of the valley plants I have ever seen from Rhubarb to Roses this summer, but these three little pip squeaks have pink blooms instead of the usual white. I couldn’t resist adding them to my collection. I spotted them in the fall bulb catalogue put out by Veseys in Charlottetown PEI.

It’s a chance you take when you buy from a nursery in zone 5. Veseys tell you they will ship according to zone but they can only ship as fast as they lift their bulbs and they have to wait for fall to settle in to do that. THEIR fall, not yours. I’m just lucky this wasn’t last year when we got a foot of snow mid-October and it never left until May.

The good thing about plants…and bulbs and pips, is that they have an incredible built-in will to survive against all odds. All I can do now is cross my fingers, toes and hoes and hope everything comes up roses…or rather alliums and lily of the valleys come spring. And buy local.

Hoping for something like this come spring!