2013 North Peace Garden Tour 7 of 8 : )

This week the Dawson Creek school buses were cancelled twice due to cold and snow. The snow is tumbling down as I type. It is hard to believe all the beauty that awaits next spring is simmering beneath those frozen drifts of snow. A perfect day to grab a mug of your favourite herbal tea (from dried herbs gathered from your own garden of course!) and check out the last couple gardens on the North Peace Tour this summer.

The seventh garden belongs to Brenda and Dick Katerburg. Part of the blurb in the brochure reads “What do you do you do when you retire from the farm? Downsize.” The garden may be smaller than the one on the farm but it is big on beauty. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge them for a better view…

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    • Thanks for the garden wishes Karen! We do have a lot of deer–and moose–in our area but the garden you commented on is close to the airport so no doubt the planes scare them away. Sounds like you have a few of the deer darlings where you garden : ) They are a challenge for sure. I am having good luck with my livestock panels this year. You can read more about them here

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