Urban Harvest…Another Heirloom Souce for Seeds

Just added an old–but new to me–source for heirloom seeds to my Online Catalogues page. Urban Harvest is based in Ontario and has been selling heirloom seeds since 1998. Here are just a few of their interesting offerings. All images and descriptions are from Urban Harvest.



A small pale yellow fleshed watermelon that probably was brought to Saskatchewan from Russia. It has a quite thin, light green with dark green striped rind, with sweet flesh and black seeds. It can grow well in cool climates. Weigh up to 3 kilos. 25 cm in diamatre. 80 days, Heirloom. 21 seeds


Bird Egg Bush Bean


According to Seed Savers Exchange. “these beans were brought to Missouri by covered wagon in the 1880s by Lina’s grandmother. Lina was one of the six original members of SSE, which was founded in 1975”. We are happy to be able to offer these grown here in Southern Ontario and certified organic like all of our seed. Dried cranberry type bean. Tan with deep red markings. Productive and hardy. Bush. Heirloom. 85 days. 30 seeds




An early maturing, open pollinated, bi-colour corn. Good germination in cool soil with excellent old fashioned flavourful ears approximately 14 cm (7”)long. Full sun. 65-75days. 50 seeds.


Black Seaman Tomato


NEW FOR 2013
This Russian Heirloom tomato produces small semi-
determinant, potato-leaf plants that yield an
abundance of rich flavourful mid-sized tomatoes.
This is one of our new faves. Heirloom. 70 days