New Potatoes for Easter

Potato germinating

Came across a neighbour while scouting out the garden section of a department store the other day. It was snowy and cold and all those packets of seeds looked oh-so-tempting. Sort of like being handed a menu after a 48 hour fast. You want everything!

My neighbour confessed she had taken one of her stored potatoes that had started to sprout (even the spuds know spring is coming!) and planted it in a container in the house. She was hoping to have new potatoes to feed the family at Easter.

“Maybe it’s been too long of a winter,” she laughed, looking slightly abashed at her plan.

I think she’s brilliant. In fact, in keeping with imitation being the highest form of flattery, I am going to plant one of my own sprouty spuds this week. Maybe others in our zone 2b or not 2b will want to do the same. After all, there’s nothing as mouth watering as new potatoes in the summer…unless it’s new potatoes in the spring!