Great Book at a Ridiculous Price!



If you have a device for reading eBooks you’re in for a great deal! One of my favorite garden books The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan is for sale for the month of March for only $2.99! Even though I have the book in paper form I couldn’t resist buying it for my iPad as well. I like being able to search for things quickly and eBooks are great for that. Anyway, it looks like the sale applies to all eBook markets so check out your favorite source and enjoy this great book at a ridiculously low price. But only for March and then it’s back to its usual price. It’s all part of its publisher’s “Fresh Pick” program that offers a select few books every month for only $2.99. Since most of Storey’s books are about gardening and self sufficiency I drop by every month to see what is on offer.