Still Around

The north facing corner of the deck with our "lake" in the background.

The north facing corner of the deck with our “lake” in the background.

It’s been awhile since I have posted. My life has gone upside down and sideways. And up. Four stories up. We sold the farm and bought a condo. It was a head decision, not a heart one, but one that had to be made.

This was the first spring of my life where I didn’t plant a vegetable garden. I am in withdrawals. It has been more difficult of a transition than even I thought it would be, but I am trying to stay focused on the positive. Darcy still loves to tell people how we are only four minutes…four minutes!!!…from work. We moved in on December 05th and I have to admit there was a sense of relief on stormy nights knowing we didn’t have to tackle the 45 minute drive come morning.

And it is certainly a green move. Living in multi-density housing and being able to walk to work is a lot softer on the environment than our old life, even if I felt more connected to nature before. We were lucky to get a corner unit so I have 189 square feet of balcony to work with.

Our strata bylaws dictate what kind of pots we can have (no wooden pots that leak out the sides, no pots hanging from the walls and all pots need to have saucers) and also state that we are allowed “a reasonable amount of containers”. It is hard to accept rules after the freedom of life in the country, but I understand the need for them and have down scaled my balcony garden plans accordingly.

Darcy is still concerned.

He worries that what I consider a reasonable amount of containers might not be what others consider reasonable. I am a bit worried too. Scanning the building I only see a couple other balconies with any pots at all, and they only have two or three. I have 32. I argue that I could easily fit three times that amount, so therefore 32 is very reasonable. Though 96 pots might make it difficult to walk around. And it definitely would test the reasonable factor.

In case someone from the strata is reading this I want to point out that the moisture you see under the pots in the pictures below are NOT from overflowing containers or a lack of saucers, but merely the result of a morning rain. The deck itself had just begun to dry off but the spots under the pots were shaded so still appear a bit wet. As for weight, the pots are all polyurethane and filled with lightweight potting soil.

Northeast end of the deck. Look at all the room left for more pots. And a bag of perfectly good potting soil looking for a home...

Northeast end of the deck. Look at all the room left for more pots. And a bag of perfectly good potting soil looking for a home…

I spent a lifetime learning about gardening in our grey gumbo. Gardening up in the air with potting soil is a different animal altogether. Couple it with a northeast facing balcony and things are challenging to say the least. But things are hanging in there. For now. And so am I.

Southeast side of the deck

Southeast side of the deck

5 thoughts on “Still Around

    • Therein lies the problem! I am so tempted to have a hive of bees but I don’t imagine the strata would approve 🙂

  1. I love your balcony. It will be an oasis by summer time, and maybe you will get more time to enjoy the flowers now that there are less than what you had before. More time to relax. More time to write!!! I’ve missed this blog.

    • Thanks Donna…maybe you are right. It feels pretty strange right now though. It is true that before I was tearing around with so much to do that I rarely stopped to smell the roses. Or anything.

  2. Your balcony is beautiful, and it’ll be the best darn balcony garden in Ft St John, it looks lovely. And like Donna said, you’ll now have more time to really enjoy your little piece of paradise and will have more time to write!!! I’ve missed this blog too. I’m really looking forward to regular updates on how your balcony garden is thriving and reading your blog.

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