Storey Publishing Fresh Picks for January!

Every month Storey Publishing offers what it calls “Fresh Picks” to e-book buyers. They discount a handful of  books for only three days. There are always informative reads aimed at gardening, crafts or some form of self-sufficiency. I love all these things (though I suck at crafts) so every time the Fresh Picks arrive, I usually go crazy and buy them all. This month I showed a bit of restraint and only opted for the two below, though I am probably going to buy the one on soap making as well. What am I saying? Of course I am going to buy the one on soap making…it’s only 2.99!

The following are on sale from January 12th – 14th 2016. After that they return to normal prices.



Herbal Goddess is on sale for $2.51 Canadian


Fermented Vegetables is on sale for $1.99 Canadian

Storey Publishing also have Fresh Pick books for sale until the 14th on soap making, beer making, chowder and one called Fix, Freeze, Feast that, well, gives you recipes you can fix, freeze and feast on. All Fresh Pick books are priced under three loonies. Three loonies!!!










2 thoughts on “Storey Publishing Fresh Picks for January!

  1. So glad to see you are blogging again. Reading your blogs is like a brief visit with a friend for me. Very informative & sometimes humorous as well.

    • Thank you so much Shirley. It feels great to be blogging and thinking about gardening again.

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