Survival Tip…Getting Houseplants Home Alive in the Winter

A close up of a cluster of red berries on a tree branch covered in ice during the winter season.

Living in the frozen north makes getting houseplants home alive a bit of a challenge for several months of the year. Carrying a tropical rain forest plant across a parking lot when it’s -20 C with a serious wind chill happening is enough to make the poor plant curl up its toes, stick out its tongue and fall over dead.

Most stores will put the plant inside a plastic bag, hopefully trapping enough warm air to get you from the store to your warm car and then to your home, depending on how fast you move and how cold it is. However, there are no guarantees your plant will make it out alive.

blue lunch pack carrier on a white background


A great option is to take a cooler with you when you go to make your plant purchase. If it is really cold, pop a hot water bottle inside (or a couple plastic bottles filled with hot water), close the lid tightly and your new plant should travel home snug as a bug in a rug. The soft sided coolers that grocery stores sell work great.


For larger plants you might have to break out the monster beach cooler on wheels…or wait for a chinook to blow in!