7 of 10 Gardens on the 2013 Dawson Creek Garden Tour : )

Next up is the garden of Bryan and Carmen Dynna.  This place is amazing. Check it out…

(Sorry about the date stamp on some of the photos. It was a new camera and I am always a bit of a technically challenged photographer!)


2013-07-28 12.17.51

Pink cosmos, vibrant orange marigolds and healthy bunches of purple delphiniums.

The front yard was a real oasis with a border of mixed annuals and perennials  and gorgeous shrubs complete with a pond feature.

2013-07-28 12.19.05-2

A closer look at the beautiful pond feature.

2013-07-28 12.18.25-2

Vibrant yellow chairs and a table against a lush green lawn and hedge

2013-07-28 12.29.35

The front gate leading you into the yard. Everything is so neat, tidy and organized. You just can feel all the stresses of the day melting away when you walk in!

2013-07-28 12.28.50


And then there is the backyard…oh my! Beautiful melding of the flowers into a vegetable garden worthy of a self sufficient homestead.

2013-07-28 12.28.16-2

Garden of my dreams! Just packed with vegetables of every kind.

2013-07-28 12.24.32

A greenhouse and a beautiful garden shed that also could be a guest house.

2013-07-28 12.25.48

Inside the garden shed was a dehydrator…making this a harvest shed too. I dried onions in our dehydrator once and almost killed Darcy and I with the fumes.

Having an outdoor shed to dry them in would have been a far better idea!

2013-07-28 12.27.45-2

Deck of the garden shed and a stunning rain chain. Beautiful pot of marigolds too!

2013-07-28 12.23.46-2

A stock trough painted to look much more appealing than just leaving them silver. Notice the pond plants floating in it.

And those delphiniums! Just spectacular.

2013-07-28 12.20.18-1

Another view of the greenhouse behind the vegetable bed.

2013-07-28 12.22.50-2

Small stone markers that look so much nicer than plastic stakes

2013-07-28 12.21.46-2