9 of 10 Gardens on the 2013 Dawson Creek Garden Tour :)

Paul and Fay Geist have a huge property outside of town that they have worked wonders with. The pond complete with a bridge was incredible.

Once again, apologies for the annoying date stamp…

2013-07-28 15.44.56

A huge expanse of lawn with lots of beautiful shrubs, trees, perennials and ridiculously healthy petunias!

2013-07-28 15.35.04

 A postcard perfect guest house with its own personal garden!

2013-07-28 15.37.17

And an equally exquisite cottage for the birds! Well, actually it’s a bird feeder…

2013-07-28 15.44.37

 This dog statue looked so real it made us jump!

2013-07-28 15.36.10

Now that’s a swing set.  And just look at that Peace Country sky waiting for you to kick your heels into it!

2013-07-28 15.36.25

Gorgeous wagon wheel bench and an endless view beyond it

2013-07-28 15.42.52

The pathways and beds around the house were immaculate

2013-07-28 15.43.01

A pond! So many gorgeous rocks…

2013-07-28 15.40.17

A closer look at these colorful stones…each one a thing of beauty

2013-07-28 15.42.20-2

2013-07-28 15.41.49

One of the nicest garden bridges I have ever seen…

2013-07-28 15.39.49-2

Deep pink lavatera…a must have annual for every garden!

2013-07-28 15.35.30-2

This pot of strawberries was so outstanding Gardens West used this picture in its magazine!

2013-07-28 15.37.39

A very creative and humorous bird house!