Pacifier Poplar Sighting


While out on my walks I keep passing this most unusual young poplar tree. The tree itself is fairly common, but the fruit it has recently produced is not.

I believe it is the rarely spotted Pacifier Poplar or Pacifier Populus. This tree produces its unusual fruit in February in the Peace Country. Locals debate over the meaning of the fruit. Some see it as a warning. They swear the tree is telling us to “suck it” because more winter is about to be dished out.

The more benevolent residents say the fruit is meant as a sign of encouragement. It is telling us to “suck it up” and do our best to get through the next couple months of winter with grace and good humour.

Yet a third group believe the fruit is simply produced to provide a soothing source when plucked. A way to numb out until the big thaw. If that is the case I hope the Pacifier Poplar produces more fruit than the lonely singular one that hangs from it so far. There are a lot of us living up here and one pacifier fruit is not going to go very far.