She’s at it again…

I found some VERY deep saucers at Dunvegan a few weeks back and decided to give balcony gardening another go. This time I am reining it in at a dozen pots…give or take a few. And did I mention the deep saucers? They’re deep. Very deep.



The deep saucers. They are even deeper than they look in this picture.


The other night I arranged the containers on the balcony and was busily filling them up with potting soil…not the disastrous potentially brown-leaking-smelly-sheep manure potting soil. Just the straight up sterilized kind. A bit of peat moss, a bit of vermiculite, some pearls of perlite and such.

I also got some coir blocks, threw them in a tub and added water. The transformation was amazing. You bring home this little cube of four large book sized slabs of coir, put each slab in a Rubbermaid tote (or what have you) add a couple gallons of water and whoosh. An hour later you have a tubful of peat mossy type product.

I don’t know environmentally which is better in the end. Shipping coir in cargo ships across the ocean or depleting our peat bogs…a practice the peat manufacturers once sent me a video about to prove that claims against them being environmentally irresponsible are entirely bogus. The truth lies somewhere in the middle I suppose. I don’t know.


And all the plastic…oh my goodness. By the time I finished filling the containers I had a plastic bag full of more plastic bags all destined for recycling. Which is whole ‘nother mess of worms.

The best solution would be to get your own bag-free ship-free bog-free product from composting your garden refuse. No bags, no shipping, no bogs, no guilt.

Anywho’s, there I was happily (albeit a bit guiltily) filling my containers in their very deep saucers with plastic bagged products when a woman’s voice floated up to me from the sidewalk below.

“She’s at it again!”

I looked down and spotted a familiar looking couple on the sidewalk. They quickly turned away and kept walking.

Maybe they weren’t talking about me. Maybe they were discussing a family member who had started taking drugs again or something. I fought off the urge to shout after them, “But this time I have very deep saucers!”

After they disappeared from sight, paranoia seeped in and I thought I had better give the building manager a heads up. I carefully worded an email emphasising my very deep saucers and all the safe watering practices I planned to implement. I even invited her to come and see the saucers. The deep ones.

The reply came saying she would pass the information along to a higher up and let me know. It was friendly enough, but not the solid two thumbs up I had hoped for.

We’ll see…



Most of the plants you see here are destined for the community garden…they’re just on the balcony getting some tough love. Hardening off on an April afternoon. No dripping. And the long tan colored container is a self waterer…no drainage at all except for a built in reservoir in the bottom. Good for the balcony, maybe not so good for the plants. 





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