Peace Country Cherry Trees

I planted some hardy cherry trees several years ago. A trio called Romeo, Juliette and Cupid but never harvested so much as a single scarlet orb for my efforts. Gardening is all about work + time + patience = harvest. We left too soon.

I hope the people who bought our home and garden reap even a quarter of the bounty I spotted growing outside The Pomeroy Sport Centre in downtown Fort St John yesterday.

Take a look!




Wowzers hey? That’s a lot of cherries!

I was too shy to pick one and see what they tasted like, but maybe next week I will give one a try.

I’m not sure what the city does with all their bounty. I have heard of other cities turning more and more to edible landscapes for all kinds of reasons, including to help fight poverty and feed the homeless. Maybe Fort St John does something like that. I hope so.

These bushes in bloom in the spring were a sight to behold, though all those glossy red orbs are just as gobsmacking to the senses. Planting edibles certainly does not mean sacrificing ornamental beauty.


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