Holy Huge Hairy Spiders Batman!


Spotted this critter hanging out in her web on our balcony this morning, just soaking up the morning sun. And waiting for breakfast to arrive. I also spotted a wayward grasshopper on the deck. Fortunately for the grasshopper, he didn’t bounce into the web. At least not yet.

While I expect to encounter the odd flying insect such as bees, flies and mosquitoes, I am always surprised to see the more earthy type critters on our balcony. We’re only on the fourth floor, but still that’s a long climb for a spider.

And I know grasshoppers can fly, but I think of them more as an earthy insect. A very bouncy earthy insect, but earthy. Though the way they bounce is ridiculous. I was coming into our apartment building a couple days ago and one launched itself from the step and ricocheted off my left eyebrow. I know my mouth was hanging open, as I was that surprised, so it was only the luck of the bounce that prevented me from having an impromptu snack.

I had just come back from a walk and was feeling a little peckish, so maybe it wouldn’t have been all bad. They do eat grasshoppers in some regions of the world. I’ve even heard of chocolate dipped hoppers, but let’s be real. Anything dipped in chocolate is going to be edible. Well…almost anything. This grasshopper was not coated in chocolate. Just naked and very, very bouncy.

Speaking of insects, I have noticed that even though I have all these containers of flowers on our deck the hoverflies and bees only hang out on a select few.

They shun the petunias, despite their beauty. You’d think there would be at least some nectar of interest in these bold blooms.

Instead the pollinators buzz the lesser blooms like the purple straggly spikes of this blazing star and the tiny fuzzy borage blossoms.

Next year I am going to add more insect friendly blooms I think. And some for hummingbirds too. We’re not allowed to feed birds on our balcony, which is reasonable enough. I understand the concept of what goes in must come out, and bird crap all over the building would be a bit disconcerting. However, I have never heard of anyone complaining about hummingbird poop. It has to be the size of a pin head, after all. I mean look at how tiny their bums are.


Well, I think that’s all I’ve got floating around in my head this morning…hairy spiders, naked grasshoppers and tiny hummingbird bums.

And all of this before 9 am.

I just know it’s going to be an interesting day.




6 thoughts on “Holy Huge Hairy Spiders Batman!

  1. I am a monster… killed 3 of those large furry spiders all threating to come indoors via window and door… the guilt. I thought a grasshopper as a frog it was so large this morning. My flower /volunteer garden is sporting many bees which makes me smile. Will plant more bee friendly flowers too if I’m here next year. Let me know hummingbird attractive flowers?!

    • Those suckers are huge hey? My spider was missing last night but her web was still there. Maybe she was just out visiting friends 🙂 They say hummingbirds are attracted to anything red but every time I have seen one they were humming around blue flowers. Delphiniums are a huge favourite, but they wouldn’t work too well on a balcony. Honeysuckle, columbines, fuchsias and bee balm (monarda) are all supposed to attract them as well. Fuchsias would be perfect for our balcony…you could plant any of those in your space.

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