New Trails and Minions Too

So I was on my way home from a meeting when you’ll never guess what I saw. A minion wood carving beside a house. A wood carving! Of minions!

I drove all the way back across town to take a picture because I knew you wouldn’t believe me.

Here it is…


You’re welcome.

It looks like one is holding a satellite dish while the other is reading instructions or maybe the guy on top is trying to get a signal so the one on the ground can use his tablet. God, I love minions. I also love people who take the time to create their quirky ideas. After supper I made Darcy get in the car and I drove him across town to show him the minions. After he had shown the proper amount of appreciation for my minion find, we carried on home in a roundabout fashion. On the way we came across some unfamiliar walking trails. After two years of walking the town, I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about them. I drove into a random subdivision, parked the car and we set off on foot to check them out.


The trails wound their way around some soccer fields, past a tennis court we never knew existed and then took us across the street where we were gobsmacked by paved trails winding about in every direction through a meadow and around a man-made lake complete with ducks. The ducks weren’t man-made. They were real. Not sure why I felt the need to point that out.

Anyway we were all like, what the….this has been here the whole time?

And then I was all, Hey wouldn’t it be hilarious if we forgot where we parked the car?

I pictured the car rusting away to nothing on the side street while we spent weeks riding around in the back of a taxi saying helpful things like, I think there was a brown house nearby. Or maybe it was blue. I’m sure it wasn’t green. I know there were walking trails. And a soccer field.

Darcy stopped in his tracks and stared at me, the lovely park forgotten.

“No. Actually that would not be hilarious. It wouldn’t be funny at all.”

“Well, not at first,” I admitted. “But later. In the years to come. We would say, remember when we lost our car after seeing the minion totem pole? And we’d laugh and laugh and wonder whatever became of it. The car not the minions. But maybe we’d wonder about the minions too.”

“Let’s head back,” said Darcy.

We found the car pretty easily and I tried to hide the fact I was a little disappointed, because it would have been a great story even if Darcy disagreed.

On the way home we drove as straight as possible so we could get our bearings. Darcy wanted to know where exactly we had parked, while I wanted to see what street would launch us back to this amazing space should I want to make the entire trek from home by foot. And where did we find ourselves? On the same avenue we live on!

All this time, if I had simply headed out of our apartment and kept walking east until I ran out of town, I would have arrived at the trails we had just left. It wouldn’t be a short trek by any means. We live on the western edge of our city and the walking trails I wanted to revisit were on the extreme eastern edge, but this isn’t New York. It might take a couple of hours each way, but it’s totally doable.

That’s the thing about walking. Or driving for that matter. You never know where it might take you or what you might discover. One moment it’s minions, the next it’s a lake in a meadow and the next…poof! Your car is gone.

See? If that last bit were true it would have made a fabulous punchline.

Ah well, there are lots of streets left to explore and tomorrow is another day.

Old Car in the Woods

I bet somewhere out there is a couple with a great story to go with this car…