Random Acts


This would have made a great post for Valentine’s Day, but better late than never…


Spotted this heart made out of rocks in a lake this summer while on holidays. I love it when people take time to create beautiful things that get left behind for others to admire. Random acts of beauty, paying it forward, things that aren’t exactly vandalism (though may involve a teensy bit of trespassing) and things that make people smile. Anything that creates a bright spot in a passerby’s day.


A man works on a stone installation near a public trail by a lake.

Of course, a lot of people use their own property as a canvas for this sort of thing. Even a beautiful flower bed can lift the spirits of someone driving past. I once met a woman who had the most incredible yard. It was bright, quirky and crammed with an assortment of antiques filled with flowers. She lived beside a busy freeway and told me that not a week went by where someone didn’t make the effort to pull off the highway just to tell her how much they appreciated her garden. Many said they purposely added twenty minutes to their commute just for the daily dose of joy her garden gave them.

If you are one of those people who takes the time to create joy and smiles, whether through a garden or quirky art installations, thank you. Intentionally or not, you probably touch more lives than you realize.

I don’t have a front yard, but I would love to do something like this with our balcony…


Though when you’re four floors up things can quickly go awry and with my luck they almost certainly would. It’s fun to surprise people, but not by having pots in pants raining down on their heads.

For now maybe I’ll just stick to recording random acts of joy and sharing them here instead.

Random acts of joy…they’re a good slice.