Play Me That Street Cleaning Music!

This morning I was woken by the sound of scrubbing. Serious scrubbing. Could it be? I leapt to my feet, heart all aflutter, threw open the sash and what to my wondering eyes should appear? No reindeer, no Santa, no snow and not one but two street cleaners!

One on either of side of the street, they moved towards each other with tortoise-like speed. It reminded of a race of the Zambonis. Slowly, steadily, their brushes swirled sucking up a winter’s worth of salt, gravel and winter weary unmentionables, leaving nothing but wet, shiny pavement in their paths.

spring street sweeper cleaner

Whoo hoo! It felt like Christmas, but better. Like all Peace Country dwellers, I am so ready for spring. It has been almost seven full months of snow. I know that the mere sight of street cleaners doesn’t mean we won’t (whisper) wake up to a foot of snow before spring finally shows up, but it is still an encouraging sign. After seven months of winter, we need all the signs we can get.

I also spotted some ducks on the open pond in the park. This was a much better sight than what I witnessed on my drive down to Dawson on Saturday. As I approached the North Taylor Hill a duck dropped down right in front of me, lining itself up for a landing on the highway. I slammed on my brakes just as the duck realized its mistake and pulled up like a 747 aborting its landing. The highway was glossy with snow melting as it hit the surface. Looking at its winding surface from a duck’s perspective the Alaska Highway must have looked like a river. Poor thing.

But today, it is street cleaners, open water and sunshine. We’ll be in ankle deep in dandelions before you know it!