Earning Our Seasons

The Peace Country has shifted into spring. You can feel it just as if you were in a sports car and slipped into third gear. There’s an extra thrum in the air and the earth is starting to vibrate and shimmy with life.

On my walks I have seen a patch of purple crocuses, some yellow daffodils and everywhere people are raking a winter’s worth of gravel off their lawns and back onto to the streets. I wonder if the street sweepers recycle the gravel for next winter’s traction. I don’t have a clue if that is even feasible. Likely not.

All winter we slip our way up and down the streets and say, “Why don’t they put down more gravel?” Then here comes spring and I bet more than a few front lawn rakers mutter to themselves, “Why did they put down so much gravel?”

On my way down to Dawson on Saturday I noted the trees in Taylor were already turning into clouds of catkins. Always a couple weeks ahead of the rest of us, I am hoping to see some green leaves when I pass through next week. A week after that? Green leaves for us all I hope!

I was watching a movie the other night called Tumbledown where the lead character looks out over a frozen lake and says, “I love living in a place where you earn your seasons, you know? Tough it out, see the ice return itself to mud, slimy reeds… become hopeful again.”

I loved that line so much, I grabbed my notebook and wrote it down. I’m thinking those words will resonate with anyone who calls the Peace Country (or anywhere else with long winters) home by choice, so I’m sharing it here this morning!

Like most northerners we sometimes talk about moving south, but at the end of the winter, I too love living in a place where you have to earn your seasons. After half a century of earned springs, it has become who I am.

Enjoy the weeks to come. After all, you’ve earned them!

Yes, Mable, there is still ice on the lake but you know what just occurred to me? These poor people live here all year round. They have no wings to fly south. Think about THAT Mable. Suck it up Princess.