10 Best Books for Planning a Garden

The internet is weedy with words of wisdom on gardening, but sometimes there is nothing like settling down in a corner of your garden with an actual book. If you are planning a garden here are 10 of the best books available telling you everything you need to know to create the garden you have always dreamed of.

The Backyard Homestead gives details often lacking in other garden planning books. It breaks down exactly what you can expect to raise on a given size of property ranging from a quarter acres and up. Find out if you have room for just a few garden beds or bee hives, chickens, goats and more. It also includes how much you will need to raise to feed your family as well as detailed instructions on how to harvest vegetables, honey and more.

Storey’s Basic Country Skills is a prepper’s bible. If you have lots of property and energy to match, this book will cover everything you need to know to be completely self-reliant as you live off the land. If you only have a slice of land you can still learn lots of valuable tips for making the most out of what you do have.

If you don’t have room, time or energy for taking on a life of total self-sufficiency Mel Bartholomew’s updated version of Square Foot Gardening has you covered. Learn how to raise all the food you need in just a few raised beds.

No matter what size of space you have-even if it’s only a single windowsill-you can have a productive garden. Nothing gives you more return on your investment than herbs. Growing your very own blends of herbal teas is a wonderful use of your space. Herbal Tea Gardens introduces the reader to 22 plans for tea gardens that are easy to duplicate. It also covers specific applications you can grow tea for such as colds, headaches and arthritis as well as blends designed for energy boosts and to work as aphrodisiacs. Nothing can compare to settling back with a cup of tea and a good book unless it’s a cup of tea you have grown and blended yourself! This book will help you do just that.

If you prefer ornamental gardening you will love this book. Designing Borders showcases the work of seven renowned designers in detailed designs that anyone can copy into their own landscape. It’s kind of like a paint by number kit for beginner artists, except that once you’ve planted your border by following your chosen design, no one will ever guess you weren’t the original mastermind.

Continuous Bloom by Pam Duthie is a gorgeous coffee-table-type book loaded with color images and all the information you need to create a garden that never stops blooming right from its launch in early spring until the final hard frost of fall. If you are lucky enough to live in more temperate climates this book will help you achieve bloom year round. It also helps you choose plants to match your personal color scheme.

Continuous Color is another offering from Pam Duthie, this time featuring trees and shrubs in your landscape for year round attraction. The perfect complement to her first book. Armed with both of these works, any gardener can achieve show-stopping seamless landscapes that result in your very own personal botanical garden packed full of color and interest.

Humans garden for all sorts of reasons. Some focus on feeding their stomachs while others wish to feed their souls. If your gardening goal is to create a sacred space where you can unwind and find peace in an otherwise hectic life, Cultivating Sacred Space; Gardening for the Soul by Elizabeth Murray will help you achieve just that. Inside you will find a dozen gardens designed for serenity as well as all sorts of tips.

The Medicine Wheel Garden; Creating a Sacred Space for Healing, Celebration and Tranquility teaches the reader how to design their garden using the ancient Native American Medicine Wheel designed to harness energies from the earth. This book includes plants for every garden zone.

Just because you are short on space doesn’t mean you can’t unleash your botanical creativity. With the help of Container Gardening; 250 Design Ideas & Step-By-Step Techniques you can turn any pot of plants into a curb stopping work of art. As well as featuring 250 design ideas the book also shows the reader how to save money by making their own potting soil, creating Hypertufa pots, growing plants from cuttings as well as tons of tips on general container garden care.

Happy Reading!