Enough…For Now

As I brought my wheelbarrow around to the pile of soil on our front lawn yesterday I couldn’t help thinking, I should have got more. I even started to feel a little deflated, but then the neighbour across the street serendipitously called out, “Now THAT’S a mountain of dirt! Is it just for your lawn? What are you going to do with it all?”

“I’m making a garden,” I told her, feeling much better. For the first time in my life I was making a mole hill out of a mountain instead of the other way around.

I moved thirty loads from my mountain to the back yard for these beds and planted some raspberries and a blueberry. One day I will walk down our back steps and be able to fill a bowl with berries for dessert. How handy is that!

backyard new beds

And then I shaped the remaining soil on the front lawn  into what you see here.

new frontyard garden new bed



I planted a Montgomery spruce because I love the tactile feel of its soft needles and its gorgeous blue hues. Beside it I planted a rose glow barberry for contrast…in every way! I have a love/hate relationship with barberries. I love the way they look, but unlike the Montgomery spruce, its beauty is only skin deep. Unless it’s your skin. Then it’s very deep. The gorgeous pink/red leaves pull you in and then SNAP! The barberry bares its teeth and bites you. The thorns on this bush make a rose cane feel almost silky in comparison. Even when I put on the gloves and approach with an almost surgical caution, I still come away bleeding. But it’s worth it. The barberry is just that pretty. And it’s moose proof. Obviously.

I also planted…I don’t believe it. I am peering at my picture and I have already forgotten what the other two perennials are. And at this stage, it’s not going to do any good to run out and look either. I hate leaving labels sticking in the ground, and am always sure I won’t forget, but once removed I am all too often left trying to figure out what the heck I planted. You would think I would take longer than a day to forget though. I blame the excitement. I think I planted a globe thistle and a spirea. Time will tell.

I need to start writing things down on a garden map as soon as I plant them. Or on a stone to tuck under the plant. I used to do that on the farm and it worked-and looked-really good. I’ve been away too long! Though what does it matter I suppose. It will be whatever it is no matter if I carefully map it out or not. Still, it’s good to know what you have in your garden for all kinds of reasons.

And I still think I should have ordered a bit more soil so I can plant more things to forget.😊

Oh well. It’s a start.

And if it’s really not enough soil for all the plants I have on deck, there is always next year.

Or next month.

Or next week.

Or tomorrow. 🤭