Manure Happens…And it’s Wonderful!

So about 5 pm last evening a truck pulled into our culdesac and dumped a load of manure right on our front lawn!

I make it sound like a bad thing. Like an act of hate or vandalism or something. I assure you, no one was more delighted to watch that truck back up and dump 14 yards of manure than me!

Only six weeks ago I got half a load – seven yards – and regretted it as soon as it hit the lawn. Not because I changed my mind, but because I realized I needed more. Much more.

It is so hard to judge how far soil will go. Especially when you just can’t stop covering the lawn with flower and vegetable beds.

A few days ago I read a story to my three year old great-nephew about a fellow named Benjamin who was obsessed with buttons. Benjamin loved to collect buttons. When he had bought up all the buttons in town he started flying his plane to far away places so he could buy some more. Eventually he bought all the buttons in the world, but it still wasn’t enough. He needed more buttons. So he started snipping buttons off people’s clothes. He just couldn’t stop.

I feel a bit like Benjamin and his buttons, only with me it is the garden and an endless need for more soil. Maybe it is because I have four years of pent up gardening in me that has finally found its release.

new frontyard garden new bed  compost manure pile

I admit that even as I dive into the pile and start wheelbarrowing my bounty around the yard, I am already plotting where the next truck load could go. But that’s just between you and me.

Perhaps the biggest blessing of our house is that it is on a city lot, making its perimeters firmly marked. There is only so much space available for a garden and no more. This is my limit and I must plant within it.

Which doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions. Questions such as, “Is the attached garage really necessary or it could be torn down to make room for more garden space?”

The answer to that question, according to a certain spouse, is an emphatic, “Yes the garage is really necessary” followed by “Have you lost your mind?”

To which I have another question that goes something like this.

If a property owner’s back fence borders the parking lot of senior duplexes on strata land, would anyone in the strata really object if the owner of the adjoining property put a gate in their back fence and perhaps grew a garden border on the strata side of their fence? I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy looking at flowers? Who could possibly object?

These are interesting questions.

However, I think a certain spouse might have a little too interesting of an answer in return.

And it’s possible the entity that manages the strata might have some interesting questions of their own.

I think maybe these are questions that can wait until next year.

Or at least until I get this truckload of manure moved.