Sign Me Up For Next Year!

We still haven’t received The Killing Frost but we did get our first one last Tuesday. I woke up to frost on the rooftops and a thin sheet of ice on the bird bath.

Of course, there is a world of difference between the first frost and the first killing frost. While a few plants wilted and won’t recover, including the cosmos and the beans, most carried on unscathed.

But then I looked at the forecast and saw something horrible on the horizon.


Aaaahhhhhhhhhh and also, Nooooooooooo!

With nothing but coolish temperatures between now and the “S” word I harvested the pumpkins and the tomatoes.

I was astonished to find 21 little pumpkins hiding beneath all that foliage. And here I thought I had done such a good job of thinning them out to only half a dozen so the chosen few would have a chance to ripen before winter!

At best I am hoping they will ripen and so I can make soup, pie filling and roast some seeds.  At worst I am hoping they will at least turn a bit orange so I can make a few autumn displays out of them. We will see.

The three tomato plants yielded a few buckets worth. That was the good news. The bad news is they were all still green except for one little fellow…

I see a lot of fried green tomatoes in our future.

And hopefully a greenhouse!

Right now I have the tomatoes spread out and covered with newspaper and am hoping, like the pumpkins, they will still slowly ripen.

I often confess that I garden because I like the feeling of being in control. I like dreaming up a garden and then putting all the plants exactly where I want them and experiencing the thrill of seeing what started out as a picture in my mind and few sketches on paper, coming to fruition.

Of course, as with everything in life, control is nothing but a fragile illusion.

Gardening is equally a lesson in humility and the acceptance of the things you have no control over, as well as an opportunity to participate in miracles.

To which I can only say…sign me up for next year!