Got Worms? I Know Where You Can Get Some!

Did you know that red wiggler worms for using as compost producing machines in your indoor vermicompost systems are available from NEAT (Northern Environmental Action Team) right here in Fort St. John?

You get a generous amount for a minimum twenty-dollar donation.

This is the kind of vermicompost system I have. It is called The Worm Factory. There are lots of homemade versions you can find ideas for that just use Rubbermaid tubs and such.

Whatever you use, vermicomposting is a great way to dispose of kitchen scraps indoors over the winter when the outdoor compost bins are frozen solid.

Over the course of an average winter my Worm Factory will produce approximately eight gallons of vermicompost aka worm poop. I am sure results vary widely, but you are guaranteed to get a fair amount.

As far as nutrients go, vermicompost is crazy concentrated. Adding just half a cupful to a planting hole during spring transplanting will give you noticeable results and best of all it is organic, recycled, fertilizer at its finest!

At 16 cups per gallon, eight gallons of vermicompost will fertilize roughly 256 transplanting holes come spring!

Plus I find keeping worms fun and entertaining, especially in the winter months.

Part of what I love about gardening is observing all the insects, birds and other wildlife that make their home in the garden. When you do indoor vermicomposting, it is sort of like having a mini garden over the winter.

Even if you’re not interested in getting worms, you should drop by Neat’s new digs at 10003-95th Avenue in Fort St. John, BC. Their thrift store and office are now under one roof making things much more convenient.

With winter lurking around the corner, their thrift store is always a fun place to spend an hour or so on a winter’s afternoon. You can find a lot of great gently worn sweaters for cheap, not to mention limitless ideas for creating art objects for your garden out of all kinds of used, affordably priced, household objects.