Halloween Night, A Near Miss and A Direct Hit

Well, we woke up to winter as so often happens in the Peace Country on November first.

It always amazes me how that works. Obviously, we expect winter to arrive in November, but how it almost always shows up Halloween night speaks to something regimented and predictable, which is never how I have pegged Mother Nature.

Halloween night started off cold and rainy, before turning to sleet and finally full-on fat flakes of snow. Despite the seasons turn, we still got some brave and hardy treaters, for which I am grateful.

After four Halloweens in an apartment it was thrilling to hear the excited giggles and awkward clumps of costumed feet coming up our steps.

As our first Halloween in our new home, I was anxious to make a good impression on the neighbourhood children. I wanted the kids to be sure to program our house into their route for next year. And the one after that and…well, you get the idea. So with every giggle and clump on the steps, I rushed to the door eager to fill their bags with impressive treats.

Turns out not all treaters giggle or clump.

At one point in the evening I decided to check the sidewalk and steps to make sure they weren’t getting too icy. I was two steps from the door when the doorbell rang. I let out a (thankfully) small yelp and shot three feet in the air.

As I dropped treats into the bags, I thanked the Universe for her timing. Had I reached the door just a second sooner, I would have lost my mind.

To say I startle easy is an understatement. Not only that, I am not quiet about it. There’s a running joke in our family over how easily I am surprised. A family member can simply come around a corner of a room, and it is enough to make me scream. Opening a door to check on the weather only to find a punk rocker and a gorilla six inches from my nose…well, I assure you there would have been plenty of screaming.

And how confusing would that have been?

The poor treaters would have been wondering several things.

One – Why did I open the door prematurely?

Two – Given that I was the one opening the door unexpectedly, why was I the one screaming?

Three – It’s Halloween lady. You should be prepared for scary sights on your doorstep.

And finally, Four – We’re a gorilla and a punk rocker. That’s not so scary.

Fabulous costumes and all of that, but not exactly terror inducing.

Instead of being locked into their GPS for next year, we’d become known as the house with the scary, crazy lady who opens the door before you even knock and then screams so loud your ears ring.

Close call but crisis averted.

As for winter, it’s not looking like a close call at all. It is looking like a direct hit.

And that’s okay. As my sister shared with me this morning, if we don’t get winter how will we ever get to spring?