The Change is Coming

Just an add on to the last post about using white clover seed as a lawn grass alternative.

I was at one of our local nurseries today and I see they have small bags of white clover seed for sale in their lawn grass section.

The bags aren’t big and they were priced at 19.99 but a little goes a long way. As you can see by reading the packaging, the 700 g bags are equivalent to 1 1/2 pounds which should be enough to more than cover 3,000 square feet.

It is possible that an agricultural seed place would have it in big bags for a lot cheaper so if you are doing a country lawn it might be worth phoning around.

Mostly I was just cheered up to see it readily available in the lawn seed section. If they are selling, someone has to be buying, which means we really are coming full circle and starting to make smart choices for the planet.

2 thoughts on “The Change is Coming

  1. We have a large, very nice nursery here in Portland that has sold white clover along with grass seed in bulk bins for years. I certainly encourage it in my yard, and I have tried to educate a friend that clover is good and an answer to some of her lawn problems. However, she has in the past listened to her brother in law who viewed it as evil….his job was at a golf course.
    I am so happy that you have a garden again, I worried about you because I need my garden too. I used to read your column in the Williams Lake paper when we were at our summer home out west of there.Then I found and followed and enjoyed your old blog.
    Happiness here is that my pole beans are starting to bloom,we’ve had new potatoes and I have tomatoes on some of my plants!

    • Hi Lea, Thank you so much for commenting. It’s great to know clover is readily available and that people like you have been growing it and encouraging others for years. Good for you! And thank you for the garden wishes. Only a gardener knows how important a garden is! I am so grateful to have one again. I have a hard time growing pole beans this far north but our bush beans are almost blooming, lots of blooms on our tomatoes but no fruit yet and no new potatoes quite yet. I can’t wait! Thanks again for taking the time to write and I wish you a wonderful garden season. 😀

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