Some Friday Photos

I had semi high hopes for the volunteer sweet potato sprout that poked out the side of the compost bin a couple weeks ago. As you can see in the picture below, it has been joined by a few more sprouts but hasn’t grown much.

I doubt there will be a bin full of potatoes by fall, but miracles happen in the garden every day. We will see.

Speaking of miracles, or a happy serendipity anyway, look at how the purple of these nicotianas perfectly pair with the poppies through no planning on my part whatsoever.

It’s not a great picture. I told the wind to stop blowing everything around so I could get a clearer image, but it paid me no mind. That’s a sea sponge in the bird bath. I put it there to turn it into a bee and butterfly bath. The sponge absorbs the water and allows the insects to land on it and drink without drowning.

Or that’s the hope.

I put in a lot of stones as well and very little water. It looks a little full because we had a bunch of rain last night. The result hasn’t been what I hoped for. The birds seem to enjoy this bath even more than the bigger one designated for them and I haven’t seen a single bee or butterfly partake. Yet.


One of many lessons harvested from a garden.

Speaking of which, the peas are podding but none have filled in yet. This, of course, does not stop me from eating them prematurely, flat pods and all.

Isn’t this Tall Telephone pea crazy? Also known as Alderman it reaches dizzying heights of over six feet! This variety is about the same age as me, dating back to 1965 which I guess makes us both heirlooms.

This is the much more understated Bolero pea which tops out around 30 inches. This is the one featured in the close up a couple pictures ago. It may be short but it’s locked and loaded.

The peas that I put in the stock trough gardens as backdrop to the carrots and beets are doing okay. I also stuck a tomato in the back centre. I need to stop doing this. I am always trying to cram one more thing into the mix to maximize harvest, but all too often it is just too much and everyone suffers.

Case in point are the two stock troughs of potatoes with a row of peas planted in the back. The one on the left is in the shade of the Mayday tree and suffered all around. The potatoes on the right were lobbed off a couple weeks back to give the peas a fighting chance.

The potatoes have since grown back. I am wondering now if that meant putting energy into regrowth that should have been going into producing tubers. We’ll find out soon. As for the peas, they are still alive, but it’s a struggle. They must feel like a short person in a mosh pit trying to see the stage.

Well, that’s my Friday photos of the backyard. I’ll post some more on here next Friday with a look at the front yard, including the much happier, and less crowded, in ground potato bed.

Hope you all have a wonderful week in the garden!