The Peace Country

A former Peace Country homestead turned into a walled garden at the Rhubarb to Roses Nursery owned by Doris and Dale Brocke west of Dawson Creek, BC

Close-up of child holding dirt with plant

Peace Country Gardens

The Peace Country spills across the northern Alberta and BC border. It is home to hay fields, squares of bright yellow canola and wide cobalt skies. Winter settles in somewhere between the end of October and mid-November and reluctantly loosens its frozen hold in April or early May.

Temperatures routinely dip to -40 and beyond and snowfall has been recorded every month of the year.  Officially listed as Zone 2b the area receives, on average, 85 consecutive frost-free days a year.

You could say it’s a challenging place to call home, but we do just that and with great affection.

Our winters may be long and cold, but they are also sunny and beautiful.

In the summer the land erupts with such a ferocious love of life it takes your breath away. While it is not quite the land of the midnight sun, the Peace Country is the land of the 10 pm sun.  And back up she rises at 4 am! These endless sun soaked summer days help Peace Country gardeners work their magic.

Visitors are always amazed at the beauty and abundance of our vegetable and flower beds. Peace Country gardeners are skilled at extending the growing season and coaxing a myriad of Zone 3 and even Zone 4 or 5 plants to put down roots and thrive.

The gardeners are as resilient as the plants they so lovingly tend. When it’s all said and done there is no place we would rather dip our shovels than in the gray gumbo of the Peace.

A warm welcome to frosty firma or fair weather gardeners wherever you may be!

Woman digging in garden

by Shannon McKinnon