Using Rocks to Create Warmer Zones

Did you know you can use rocks in your garden to increase your garden zone rating? Planting a Zone 3 or even Zone 4 tree next to a massive boulder can be a successful use of rocks in our zone 2b or not 2b gardens. The rock will absorb heat during those late spring and early fall days and release it at night, meaning those early and late frosts can be outsmarted.

creeping charlie in a rock garden

Garden of Linda & Darryl Veiner of Rolla, BC

In the winter the rock absorbs the cold, helping to keep the area cooler during an untimely chinook. Constant freezing and thawing can be deadly to less hardy trees, shrubs and perennials. A big rock will help keep the temperature from fluctuating. It will also delay the plant from emerging too early in the spring, by “holding its coldness”.

10 Ideas for Rocks in the Garden

Peace Country pioneers spent a lifetime picking roots and rocks from the fields…and so did their children! I have lots of memories of walking the spring-tilled fields with my family “harvesting” all those sticks and stones. It was an endless task as every spring a new crop was tilled to the surface. Walk to the end of any field and you will find those piles of rocks, each picked by a hard working hand. Despite this–or maybe because of–I still hold a deep respect for both rocks and growing things. A few years ago I brought a couple loads of rocks home from the edge of my grandparents field. It was a nice connection to know that those rocks were once handled by them. I love rocks in a garden…and so do most gardeners!

Here are some neat ideas you might want to try out in your own garden…

Gardening Rocks!


A great idea for disguising culverts…from Rick and Heather Hopkins garden in Fort St John, BC

A bit of whimsy on the vegetable garden fence!

A bit of whimsy on the vegetable garden fence!

Taken in Carol Rhyason’s garden in Charlie Lake, BC

Joan and Larry Evans 2012 FSJ Garden Tour

Heart rocks from Joan and Larry Evans garden in Fort St John, BC

Brad and Janine Filmer's Garden 2012 FSJ Garden Tour

Another heart shaped rock thoughtfully placed packs a dramatic punch. Garden of Brad and Janine Filmer South Taylor, BC


A fun tic tac toe game made out of painted rocks and a stump. Found on Pinterest via Click on image to check out this fun site!



This idea comes complete with an informative how-to from Placing the strawberry rocks among your plants before they fruit will discourage birds from returning when the actual strawberries form. Who wants to waste time when strawberries are hard as rocks and just as edible?

Another photo from Give it a click for all the info and for more great ideas on this site.


Beautiful row markers made from painted stone. Saw these on complete with a great how-to Click on the photo to see the instructions and check out this site. They were the creation of her friend Kristen Crouch of


Okay, this just makes me smile! From but with a little imagination you could try to make it yourself…


A couple of fabulous stone benches. From Click on image to see some more of their “rocking” ideas!


Love this path! Found on pinterest via The Artful Gardener TM


And every pathway needs some feet to find it…found on



One more picture…

This picture from Rick and Heather Hopkins garden failed to upload the first time but here it is now…a great example of how to disguise ugly culverts in a beautiful fashion!


Makes it look like a welcoming cave instead of ho-hum culvert. I love this idea…