Spring Arrives Tomorrow at 1:00

Spring arrives tomorrow at 1 pm. How is that for precise? That is when temperatures are supposed to creep up to the plus side of zero and-according to the forecast-stay there for the daytime for the next 14 days.

With daylight savings kicking in tomorrow for much of the country, that’s 1 pm Pacific not Mountain. For us it is simply Peace Country time, which is the same time all year long. While everyone around us switches back and forth, we just keep our clocks unchanged, only it’s not the same time because half the time we’re the same as the rest of BC and the other half we’re the same as Alberta so we’re always having to adjust for that. Confused yet? Me too.

Animals in the Peace have no such problems. Dinner time never changes. If dinner is 5 pm it is 5 pm 24/7/365.

What is about to change is this…

So. Much. Snow. I took this picture this morning. Beneath that heap of snow on our front lawn is my newest garden bed which I loaded up with bulbs last fall. I am giddy with anticipation. On the far right corner buried beneath soil, mulch and six feet of snow is a giant allium bulb that is meant for Zone 5. Living in our land of Zone 2b or not 2b, splurging on this bulb was a bit of a reckless gamble, but look at that snow cover!

Thanks to the city and their snow truck spewing ways, the amount of insulation on the allium makes the four inch layer of mulch I carefully piled on top of the precious bulb laughable. I have high hopes for the bulb’s survival.

I guess we will find out soon enough. Time to put on the gum boots, stand back and let ‘er melt. Hello spring!

Transplanting Peas…Who Knew?

Planting seeds

If you subscribe to Growveg.com you will have already received this video on how to start peas in a gutter for easy transplanting into the garden. If not, click on this link and check it out. It’s a great idea for getting a jump on the season and avoiding having mice eat the seeds or birds scratch them up onto the surface in their search of worms (that was always my biggest problem). It would work for sweet peas too and who knows what else? The roots are minimally disturbed using this method. Check it out!


Peace Country Signs of Spring

Up here in the gorgeous Peace Country you sometimes have to look hard for signs of spring in January, but rest assured they’re out there.

Today I had two successful sightings.

This one at the dollar store…



And another auspicious sign at Ernie’s…



In case you didn’t catch the winning detail here is a closer look…



That’s right…END OF SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes!!!!!!!!! A certain sign of spring wouldn’t you say? Right? Right?

But even if they’re off by a smidge at least you can get yourself a real warm coat at a good price to wear while you wait. Or for going on spring scouting expeditions. I like the blue one.

Signs of Spring…A Peace Country Pictorial!

For the entire month of April the forecast kept predicting temperatures in the plus double digits…the only problem was it was always for the next week. What came instead was cold and snow and more taunting predictions for next week. The only time we actually hit double digits it was on the minus side. We are a pretty forgiving and optimistic bunch but enough is enough!

Yesterday it finally happened – plus 14! Yeah! However the wind was ferocious gusting to 72 km per hour. I spotted the cover to my cold frame that managed to stay in place all winter, tangled up in the raspberry bushes. The forecast is calling for snow, rain and temperatures as low as minus 8. Boo! Hiss! Let’s hope they’re wrong this time as well.

I blew around the garden, did a bit of pruning and snapped a few promising pictures. Here are a few of the things I saw in my Peace Country garden that said SPRING!

This is why I love bulbs and perennials! If there is a more exciting sight than the first spears of growth pushing their way through last fall's leaves I haven't seen it.

This is why I love bulbs and perennials! If there is a more exciting sight than the first spears of growth pushing their way through last fall’s leaves I haven’t seen it.

Taken only steps from our house a mosaic of moose leavings...to the compost pile it shall go!

Taken only steps from our house a mosaic of moose leavings…to the compost pile it shall go!

Shades of orange, pink and lemon a rhubarb unfurls...goodbye snow hello spring!

In glowing shades of orange, pink and lemon a rhubarb hatches…goodbye snow hello spring!

Great Gobs of Gumbo sucking at my boots...gotta be spring!

Great Gobs of Gumbo sucking at my boots…gotta be spring!

Dried up tomatoes and potatoes and springtime in the Peace

The Sound of Spring!When I open the laundry hamper I use for storing potatoes in our pantry I am greeted by white tentacles of potato sprouts waving about from the last layer of potatoes. Soon we will be out of potatoes altogether but no matter. It is almost planting time and in a few weeks we will be enjoying new potatoes fresh from the garden. Salivate, salivate.

We are down to our last jar of dried tomatoes but cracking the lid on those babies is an entirely different experience compared to the potatoes. It’s like lifting the lid to summertime. The aroma is heavenly and the taste is sublime. They’re Excalibur Dehydrator dried which doesn’t sound nearly as nice as saying sundried but they taste great just the same.

Last year I planted several types of tomatoes but still liked Cold Set the best both for taste, ripening outdoors in our Zone 3 garden (though some were plucked green just before frost and left to ripen in boxes on the kitchen counters) and overall productivity. I saved my own seed and this year’s Cold Set tomatoes are already a couple inches high.

The return of our Canadian geese are always a harbinger of spring. While waiting to pick up my son and daughter in law at our smalltown airport for Easter seven Canadian geese flew over the airstrip. Only the day before Darcy was removing the snowblade from the pickup (a sign of spring faith in of itself) when a pair of geese flew overhead. The runoff hasn’t started yet and snow still covers the fields, but the pussy willows are coming out and the days are getting longer. The sun is holding some real heat for the first time since fall. Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands into the soil!