No Ordinary Strawberry

Berried Treasure TM Red Strawberry Fragaria ananassa

I was given a strawberry plant to trial in my garden this summer and I have to say I am impressed. It is rated as Zone 4a so in our Zone 2b or not 2b climate, wintering it over will be iffy, but I have my fingers and toes crossed because this one is a beauty.

Despite being its first season in the garden, this plant bloomed right from the get go.

Normally I would pluck off the blossoms to ensure healthy roots for maximum production next year, but since I am not sure it will live to see another spring, I just let it do what it wanted.

And what it wanted to do was bloom and bloom and then after that, bloom some more.

red strawberry blossom

The blooms on Berried Treasure TM are even redder than they look in this picture. Each one is like a perfect miniature rose.

The transition from bloom to strawberry seems to be a bit slower than for a regular berry, or maybe it is just that the blooms stop me in my tracks and demand attention, so I notice them for what seems like a longer space of time.

Either way, the longevity of the blooms are a good thing.

As you have no doubt surmised, the Berried Treasure TM strawberry’s claim to fame is in its unusual large, decorative blooms.

The strawberries it produces are tasty, but not as flavour packed as my Seascape or Kent standbys. But when something looks this gorgeous and blooms pretty much continuously from June to September with no sign of slowing down, it seems a bit petty to fault it for not being as flavourful as an ordinary strawberry.

Obviously, this isn’t an ordinary strawberry.

Berried Treasure TM is slated to hit the spring market in 2019. It would make a great addition to containers or flower borders, even if it just survives as an annual.

But I am hoping it will rise back up in the spring, all green, sassy and happy, ready to produce another season of berries and beautiful blooms.


Disclaimer – Proven Winners sends me a few free plants every year to trial in my garden but I am under no obligation to write about them and receive no additional compensation for doing so.