Leaving a Trail of Joy

I just read about a creative soul who is leaving painted rocks behind on his or her walks for others to find and keep. What a beautiful gesture, both in the pretty rocks and the selfless act of giving. This person has created an anonymous Facebook page with pictures and clues of where the most recent rocks have been left and later lucky finders post themselves with the rocks.

painted rocks left

Dropped off and gone like a ninja!

I love this idea. The notion of leaving a trail of joy behind you on your walks. This person has found a clever way via Facebook to connect with the recipients, but even imagining that I had brought a smile to someone would be enough.

I really want to do this, but what could I leave? My art ability is woefully limited. And it would have to be something weatherproof as there’s not much fun in discovering a soggy piece of paper art. And if it were my soggy piece of paper art someone would just think it had been dropped by a toddler after preschool. No one would want it except my mother.

What could I leave behind on my walks? I will have to give it more thought…