The Best Kind of Weeping


Snapped this picture of a weeping willow in the town centre of Salmon Arm, BC last fall. These trees are jaw dropping gorgeous. They never fail to send a thrill through me every time I spot one. There are something like 400 species that apparently cross with each other and breed like bunnies, giving birth to new willow trees all the time. You would think that somewhere in all that copulating a weeping willow hardy enough for the Peace Country would pop up. Maybe it has. I hope so.

As we worked our way back home we spotted weeping willows as far north as Quesnel BC and then they stopped. Not to make light of global warming, but our frost free days have definitely been extended over the past few years and it rarely drops past -30 Celsius anymore. Who knows? Perhaps this tree will start showing up closer to home.

Weeping willows are fast growers, putting on as much as 10 feet of growth per year and reaching heights and spreads of 50 feet. In other words they take up a lot of real estate so that’s something to consider if they do migrate north.

I love how the branches sweep the ground. They just make you want to part the canopy and climb underneath. I am sure children in the south have grown up doing just that.

I would love to see one in the green space by our apartment. What a delight it would be to look out at it every morning. Or climb beneath it every afternoon!